TPH Partners, the Houston-based energy private equity funds manager, announced today that it has partnered with Antioch Energy, an Oklahoma City oil and gas exploration and production company. With roots dating back three generations in oil and gas, Antioch Energy is led by Kevin Dunnington, Chief Executive Officer, and Nathaniel Harding, President. Antioch Energy changed its name from Harding & Shelton Exploration when the formative transaction closed earlier this month.

“Everyone on our management team has run their own independent oil and gas company and brings a tremendous amount of experience, technical expertise and knowledge to the table,” said Harding. “Add to that TPH Partners, considered one of the energy industry’s most respected private equity firms with extensive industry knowledge and relationships, and we feel we are extremely well positioned for future success.”

Antioch Energy currently operates properties in 10 counties, and expects its new partnership with TPH Partners to help provide for substantial growth. The company plans to focus on the acquisition and development of conventional and unconventional oil and gas properties primarily in Oklahoma. Antioch Energy is already in the process of leveraging its deep relationships to begin acquiring new assets, and it is anxious to exploit the upside in its existing properties as well.

"With our new partnership with TPH Partners enabling us to grow through both acquisition and further development of our existing assets, we are very excited about the future of Antioch Energy and look to continue our legacy of innovation for years to come,” said Dunnington.

“We had been looking for a quality Midcontinent team for quite some time, and when we were introduced to Kevin and Nathaniel we knew that’s what we had found. Their local knowledge, experience and focused business plan are exactly what we look for in a partner, and we are proud to add them to the TPH Partners family,” said Curt Schaefer, Managing Director of TPH Partners.

Antioch Energy's offices will remain in the Harding & Shelton building located on the Bricktown canal in Oklahoma City.

About Antioch Energy
Antioch Energy, formerly Harding & Shelton Exploration, traces its roots back to Oklahoma's oil and gas sector of the late 1970s. Today, Antioch Energy has partnered with TPH Partners and is embarking on a bold new era of growth. Antioch Energy strives to be a premier exploration and development company, with a proud legacy of independence, local expertise and loyalty to our great people. For more information on Antioch Energy, please visit

About TPH Partners
TPH Partners, based in Houston, Texas, is the private equity arm of Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co., LLC, an integrated energy investment and merchant bank. TPH Partners makes private investments in the upstream, oilfield service and midstream subsectors of the energy industry. For more information on TPH Partners, please visit

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